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I had the opportunity to participate the SAA Masterclass September 2019 on Social Auditing and Accounting by SAN India and undergo the mentorship under Mrs. Latha Suresh to complete the social accounts in the month of October 2020 for a NGO. Then had the opportunity to audit a reputed organization and chair the panel under the mentorship of Ms.Marie Banu and fulfilled the criteria to be a social auditor in October 2021. Needless to say the exercise was online and virtual.

I found both Mrs. Latha and Ms. Banu were excellent in delivering the concepts in easy comprehensible language with their practical experiences in the field which facilitated the learning quicker during the Masterclass. Both did encourage and motivate the participants to complete the social accounts. Mrs. Latha did the mentoring for me for the social accounts which I found very encouraging and her suggestions were to the point and well-articulated which facilitated me to complete the same. Ms. Banu who mentored me for the social auditing session was quite understanding to complete the audit process by handholding me.

Both of them were highly professional and as well as empathic in approach and I found quite comfortable in working with them . Without their support and mentorship, I would not have qualified as a Social Auditor. The other members of the team Mr.Vimal Mr. John and others deserve appreciation for their quick response and support . The express my gratitude to the team for their seamless work.
- Meera Shankar