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General Background

Prateek Kaul is Supplier Diversity and Accessibility Evangelist. He is co-founder of GiftAbled, a leading organisation in the space of Disability & Inclusion. The focus of his work in last decade has been around livelihood, health and education of disadvantaged in low-income states. His journey as an Impact Assessor was initiated for organisations to embrace transparency and enhance productivity across themes in development sector.

The other area of interest is providing a platform to Organizations to become Accessible – in terms of Products, Infrastructure and services provided via Website/App. This is not only to meet compliance standards but, most importantly, to reach out to millions of potential customers, candidates, suppliers, employees who stand for Inclusion.

Prateek has varied corporate experience of decade and a half and has worked in Idea Cellular, Tech Mahindra, Birlasoft and Target India as a senior technology professional. He has been a volunteer supporting various causes for more than a decade. He pursues a vision of a world evolving in to an Inclusive one.

His efforts and contribution towards the empowerment of People with Disabilities, has won him various awards and accolades, including:

  • India Inclusion Fellow, IIS 2017
  • Hand in Hand with Best Social Entrepreneur Award, 2018
  • IIM Calcutta for Tata Social Enterprise Challenge as Top 3 social enterprise in the country