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Social Audit

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Social Audit

Prove and improve the social performance using Social Accounting and Audit (SAA) methodology and Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives, and Activities (VMVOA) framework.


Social Accounting and Audit (SAA) is a logical and flexible framework which enables your organisation to build on existing documentation and reporting systems and develop a process so that you can:


Account fully for and report on your organisation's social, environmental and economic performance and impact



Provide the information essential for planning future actions and improving performance



Be accountable to all those you work with and work for…

Social Accounting and Audit can be used by any organisation, whether voluntary, public or private sector, and of any size or scale.


SAN, India also conducts Third party social audit for Government projects/Impact investorsbased on the SAA framework.


The 5-C Strategy for Social Impact curated by SAN India involves

  • Connecting with Stakeholders
  • Capturing Outcomes & Social Impact effectively
  • Computing the Social Change
  • Communicating the change – Reports, videos, documentation
  • Celebrating your change by publicising your report