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SAA Master Class

Creating a resource pool of social accountants and social auditors

Master Class is a basic course which is a pre-requisite for individuals to become social accountants and social auditors.

Master Class in Social Accounting and Audit is conducted twice a year in India by qualified Social Auditors from SAN UK and SAN India


  • Knowledge and Experience of the development sector
  • Involved in Strategic Planning of any Sector
  • Ability to analyze and identify gaps in systems
  • Proficient in documenting and drafting reports
  • Non-judgmental attitude

To Qualify As A Social Accountant:

  • Participatein a Master Class
  • Independently preparethe VMVOA framework & Impact Map for a project/ Organization
  • Draft Social accounts
  • Social Accountant Certificate by SAN India

To Qualify As A Social Auditor:

  • Social Accountant Certificate
  • Observe a Social Audit Panel
  • Draft Shadow notes
  • Social Auditor Assessment
  • Qualify to be a Social Auditor
  • Social Auditor Certificate
  • Member of SAN India
  • Member of SAN, UK(Optional