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Capacity Building

Periodic master classes and workshops offered by SAN India aims at creating a pool of social impact consultants and social auditors. Our advisory support and handholding support post the training makes our participants hone their impact skills effectively

Social Impact Assessment

Demonstrating social impact helps organisations to monitor, evaluate and improve their own services to deliver outcomes more effectively

Need Assessment

Need Assessment sets priorities and determines criteria for solutions so that planners and managers can make sound decisions.

Due Diligence

A comprehensive appraisal of an NGO/Implementing partner on their social performance before and after CSR funding.

Monitoring & Evaluation Tools

Creating M&E system to define indicators, tools and processes to periodically measure...

SROI Training

Workshops/Seminars in SROI is conducted by SAN India once a year.

CSR Strategy

A Strategic Approach. SAN India along with CSIM offers innovative and customized course for CSR personnel.

ESG Reporting

With experience in triple bottom line reporting, SAN India also offers Consulting for ESG reports ...

SDG Alignment

The SDG alignment training/workshops provides direction for NGOs/ CSRs and social enterprises