Discover two compelling publications from SAN India. The first, 'Guide to Social Impact Assessment,' in collaboration with SAN UK, is a global companion for social impact assessors. Providing standardized tools and case studies, it aligns with global standards. The second book explores 'Social Audit' through Alan Kay's insightful compilation, offering a systematic approach to assess social benefits. It doubles as a toolkit for beginners. Immerse yourself in these enriching resources to gain a comprehensive understanding of social impact measurement and audit.

Launch of "Guide to Social Impact Assessment"
authored by Marie Banu Rodriguez
at SAN UK Annual Gathering at Liverpool, UK

Guide to Social Impact Assessment

Guide to Social Impact Assessment has been published by SAN UK in association with SAN India. This guide offers a repository of templates, best practices, and case studies and serves as a practical companion for social impact assessors worldwide, providing standardised tools to enhance the measurement and reporting of impact, fostering alignment with global standards and facilitating participation in social stock exchanges.

Launch of Social Audit Ecosystem
authored by Alan Kay
at MSDS Annual Awards 2019 event in Chennai.

The Social Audit Ecosystem

Explore the nuanced world of 'Social Audit' through Alan Kay's insightful book, a culmination of articles published in Conversations Today over the last two years. Co-founder of the Social Audit Network, UK, Kay, along with John Pearce, initiated a systematic approach to assess and value social benefits provided by community enterprises. Delve into the systematic evaluation of an organization's social performance with a focus on social accounting. The book, adorned with one of Alan's captivating paintings, not only discusses the need for Social Audit but also serves as a toolkit for beginners.

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