Social Auditors

Social Auditors

The Social Auditor is a 'critical friend' (ideally an outsider) who periodically checks 'the books' and asks probing questions to help the organisation reflect systematically on the effectiveness of its internal operations as well as on its broad external impact.

The assistance of an experienced Social Auditor may be required at first to help an organisation clarify its objectives, indicators, action plans, and recording and accounting procedures. Once the procedures are in place, however, the organisation will have developed the skills required for evolving the system




Social Auditors outside India


Name Email Location
Dr. Gavin Melles Australia
Karuna Luthar Dubai
Krishnan Ramachandran Dubai
Pushpanath Krishnamurthy UK


How to become a Social Auditor?

A vital element of social accounting is that it is quality assured; the audited social accounts should be verified by an external, SAN approved Social Auditor who will issue a statement. Their work is checked by the Social Audit Network.

  • Write social accounts and panel: The applicant should have prepared social accounts for an organization and defended them to a Social Audit Panel.
  • Training program: He/She should haveattended SAN approved trainingand must be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the social accounting and audit process.
  • Attend panel meeting and take shadow notes Applicants must also attend a SAN Social Auditor workshop and attend at least two Social Audit Panels in some capacityFor one of these they should arrange to write a set of Social Audit Panel notes to be critically reviewed by the panel chair
  • Mentor Finally, applicants should chair a first Social Audit Panel with an auditor from the SAN India register acting as mentor.
  • Recommended If the applicant is recommended for approval by his/her mentor ,the final decision is made by the SAN committee