• Creating a pool of social impact specialists

  • To enable organisations re-define their social value
    by proving and improving their performance

  • To enable organisations re-define their social value
    by proving and improving their performance

  • Creating a pool of social impact specialists


Why Social Audit?

  • Sharpens the definition and focus of the organization
  • Extends accountability to main stakeholder groups
  • Provides a useful framework for all the activities of the organization
  • Identifies the perceived impact of the organisation
  • Involves stakeholders in the organisation
  • Reports to all stakeholders – including funders and investors – thus winning business
  • Provides a flexible and adaptable process
  • Stimulates honest external and internal appraisal of the organization
  • Encourages consistency in approach
  • Provides important management information for strategic and business plans
  • Provides a rich source of information to use in making applications, bidding for contracts, developing marketing materials, and so on…

Who we are?

Social Audit Network, India is a project of the MSDS Trust founded by Mr.PN Devarajan in 1999. It is the Indian chapter of Social Audit Network, UK and was launched in India in 2010.

SAN UK evolved the Social Accounting and Audit framework which helps understand the impact Organisations have on the People and the Planet. It also leads to planning effective and efficient management of social impact within the organization.

Systematic Framework for capturing Impact
Triple Bottom Line reporting - Social, Economic & Environment
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Prove & Improve social performance

Our Services

Based on the Social Accounting & Audit Framework, SAN India offers a wide range of social impact associated services to help organizations reflect on its performance and improve on it. We offer consultancy services and Capacity Building for Organisations and Individuals

Social Audit

Prove and improve the social performance using SAA methodology and VMVOA framework.

Need Assessment

Baseline study and feasibility analysis


Due Diligence

Appraisal and evaluation of projects


Impact assessment & evaluation

Evaluation of social impacts using VMVOA/ REES framework

Social Audit Master Class

Creating a resource pool of social accountants and social auditors


Training in Social Impact Practitioners, SDG Alignment, SROI.

Our Mission

To foster a culture of social accountability among organisations


Engage with SAN – India to

  • Acquire a sharper understanding of your organisation's core values and objectives
  • Re-define your social value and prove and improve your social performance
  • Strategise impact driven projects that can be measured and evaluated
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness & Efficiency of your projects
  • Become a Social Impact Specialist / Social Auditor

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